The Meaning Of Colors For Process Essay

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In the solution of a food problem the important place is taken by the food industry which is a final chain in production of food production. It has branched structure, powerful production potential and can provide almost completely needs of the population for high-quality food for the wide range. Its enterprises are capable to process over 50 million t of sugar beet, 2,6 — seeds of oil cultures, 2,5 — vegetables and fruit, 18 — milk, 4 million t — cattle and a bird.

Each modern industrial enterprise has a certain specialization which provides production of uniform production. The enterprises (shops, sites) make some one product, its separate knots and details or carry out separate operations (casting, stamping, machining,. Specialization of production promotes increase of labor productivity and quality of production, decrease in expenses etc.

Peas are grown up mainly in the south of the Forest-steppe and in the north of the Steppe, a lupine — to Polesia, soy — mainly to Polesia and Forest-steppes. Soy contains many fats and proteins, is used in the food industry and as fodder culture.

Reduction in production of foodstuff was influenced by narrowing of domestic market of the food through low purchasing power of the population, and also loss of foreign markets. Import of production with preservatives which are extended by the term of its storage has an adverse effect on work of the enterprises. Meanwhile from a distribution network the qualitative domestic production is forced out.

Separate branches, interacting among themselves, form difficult economic complexes. For example, food and light industry, using agricultural raw materials, make food and consumer goods, providing with them the population.

Separate industries, for example fuel and the power industry, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy and some other, form interindustry industrial complexes. These are systems of the productions which are economically connected among themselves, activity and which placement technologically and are territorially caused. The major industrial complexes are: fuel and energy, metallurgical, machine-building, lesoproizvodstvenny.

The confectionery industry in the placement is also guided by the consumer. Many types of its production of a malotransportabelna also have very limited terms of realization and storage. The largest enterprises of the confectionery industry are in big cities — Kiev,, Kharkov, Odessa, Lugansk. Some of them have a certain specialization, for example production of cookies, a biscuit, chocolate etc.

Nowadays heads of the procuring and grain processing enterprises have to pay special attention to the standard of own reverse means. It has to be a reference point for maintenance of a financial condition of production as equals that will provide normal realizatsionny and vossozdavatelny cycles. And restructuring taking into account available investment and innovative potentials is still necessary.

The third place by the sizes of cultivated areas is taken by corn. Nearly 15% of gross collecting grain are the share of it. It is fruitful, drought-resistant culture with high qualities. The best territories for its — the North and the center of the Steppe. The considerable spaces are occupied by corn also in the south of the Forest-steppe, in the Zakarpatye, and Odessa areas.

Animal husbandry — important branch of agriculture, the second after plant growing. It provides the population with food — milk, oil, meat,, and the food industry — raw materials.

A variety of raw materials and presence of consumers of foodstuff in all regions cause universal distribution of the enterprises of the food industry. But in one places they serve needs of local population, in others - create production for many regions of the country.

Sugar industry — important kompleksoobrazuyushchy branch. Round sugar plants there is a set of the adjacent enterprises which work at waste ( sugar, treacle and make alcohol, yeast,. Other waste, for example a press, use feeding farms.

Special form of the territorial organization of economy uniting group of the interconnected primary branches and productions with the ancillary serving industries and productions are the territorial and production complexes (TPC).