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Along with it analyze implementation of the plan of expenses of work for branches of production that gives the chance to find out the employment reasons in these branches. For comparison it is necessary to take only direct labors on each branch and separately on management and service of economy or full expenses, that is to include in expenses on each branch corresponding part of administrative expenses.

Besides, in the comparative analysis of indicators of a zemleobespechennost of farms it is necessary to consider divergences in a method of calculation of these indicators which are connected with an obvious divergence as a part of labor. Using an indicator of average annual number of workers, it is possible to allocate number of the conditional hectares falling on one average annual worker occupied in agriculture.

The analysis of number of structure of a manpower, security with them and their uses is of great importance for identification of reserves of increase in production of agricultural production. Timely performance of field and other works, productivity of cultures, increase in efficiency of work in farms depend on the rational organization of work.

Subject of the economic analysis are economic processes of the enterprises, associations, associations, social and economic efficiency and end financial results of their activity which develop under the influence of objective and subjective indicators which are reflected through system of economic information.