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In the pedagogical environment spheres in which certain features – the sphere of educational work have moral relations, are allocated to different public work of teachers and pupils, the sphere of out-of-school contacts, the general leisure, the sphere of pedagogical contacts of teachers, etc. The subject of the moral relations in the pedagogical environment is the teacher. Being the main link in teaching and educational process, it carries out the broadest interaction with pupils, their parents, colleagues, etc.

Contradictions between the teacher and parents of pupils arise for various reasons. Among them dissociation of interests; a large number of duties which are shown by the parties to each other; distinction of types of the attitudes towards the child; various level of pedagogical qualification. I will try to concretize these aspects below.

The pedagogical step is a form of realization of pedagogical morals in activity of the teacher in which the thought and action coincide. The step is the moral behavior including anticipation of all objective consequences of an act and its subjective perception; in a step search of easier and less painful way to the purpose is shown. Pedagogical step it always creativity and search.

So, one of significant professional duties of the teacher is the organization of such cooperation with parents of pupils that it supplemented its pedagogical actions, making the specific sphere of parental influence. "the teacher – parents of pupils" the teacher is involved in system of the relations by objective need and conditions of implementation of pedagogical process. This system of the relations is capable to function and without direct contact of its private traders because they are connected by the pupil as object of mutual influence. The relations "the teacher – parents of pupils" are a significant pedagogical factor which makes big impact on moral life of pupils.

Moral activity of the teacher, as well as any spiritual activity, possesses relative independence, is closely connected with other kinds of activity and can be realized in various subject forms: moral education, organization of moral experience, moral self-education.

Among the main components of elements of a pedagogical step of the teacher it is possible to call respect for the personality, high insistence, ability is interested to listen to the interlocutor and to empathize it, steadiness and self-control, business tone in the relations, adherence to principles without obstinacy, attentiveness and keenness in relation to people, etc.