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It is possible to refer to number of local criteria, for example, the number of workers or the working, their structure, safety of the moved products, safety measures in delivery processes, separate elements of material and labor inputs, etc. in any separate subsystems or in system in general.

Kf.R — the actual coefficient of additional work which is the relation actual taking into account really developed set of operations of delivery, volume of the moved product to the actual physical volume of the product delivered to the end user:

For the purpose of the general analysis of extent of use of containers it is expedient to define efficiency of number of turns of the container of Kob., which is the relation of the actual number of turns of Nfakt. to settlement Nrasch.

the eksplutatsionny park of containers including the means of a konteynerization which are in work and a constant reserve i.e. in such reserve when excess containers are used in functional processes on an equal basis with the main.

The purposes and results of functioning of logistic container systems are described by the corresponding economic indicators. These indicators have to characterize rather fully the necessary plan targets of container system providing achievement of the global purpose of the served system, the actual extent of achievement of the specified tasks, and also a measure of the material and labor inputs necessary for performance of functional processes of container system.

The size of container park is characterized in natural indicators and monetary value. Treat natural indicators: total of units of containers in park, quantity of units of containers on each standard size, number of conventional units of containers and number of konteynero-tons.