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This row is called as Kotelnikov's number. In this expression = t designates an interval between two otschetny points on time axis, and S (n/2fm) = S (nt) – selection of the S(t) function in t=nt timepoints.

in a partsialny range there is the central component, at what the same (considerable) size, as the excluded harmonica. This component corresponds to the central frequency of the strip fp filter which is also the bearing high-frequency fluctuation;

- at application of the theorem of Kotelnikov it is important to choose the period of sampling Td correctly. In particular, if Td> t =, occurs irreversible deformation of a range – imposing of spectral components at each other, thus increases a synthesis error. In a case when Td <t =, is spent a lot of energy therefore in practice such ratio Td and t is also not desirable. In actual practice, the recommended ratio is