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Quantity of the grown colonies count on each cup, having placed it upside down against a dark background, using a magnifying glass with increase at 4-10 times. Each counted colony is noted at the bottom to a cup ink. At calculation of colonies it is recommended to use counters.

In the post-natal period, in the course of adaptation to extra uterine living conditions the digestive tract and its microflora in the course of the finishing formation differ in both high variability, and existence, practically at all newborn children, the phenomena of tranzitorny dysbacteriosis.

Other mechanisms (direct effects of natural probiotics (lactic and bifidobacteria) after their absorption from a digestive tract on fermentativny and other cellular reactions of hormonal, nervous, secretory, immune and other bodies and fabrics).

At a large number of colonies and their uniform distribution the bottom of a cup of Petri is divided into four and more identical sectors, count number of colonies on two-three sectors (but not less than on 1/3 surfaces of a cup), number of colonies find an arithmetic average and multiply by total of sectors of all cup. Thus, find total of the colonies which grew on one cup.

Bring 1 cm3 of the corresponding cultivation of the studied product in a sterile cup of Petri and fill in cooled to 40-45C sterile environment with the hydrolyzed milk and chalk. Wednesday is prepared in the ratio for 100 cm3 of the hydrolyzed milk of 2% of chalk and an agar. Right after filling of the environment in Petri's cup, a cup carefully mix by easy rotary rocking for uniform distribution of sowing material. after Wednesday stiffens, cups overturn covers down and put in the thermostat with a temperature of 37C on 72 h.