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The international tourism has impact on development of both the countries, and world economy in general. In process of a of international trade and other forms of the international relations, increase of level of culture and the the international tourism will also develop.

Istanbul – the largest city, the main seaport, the economic and industrial center of Turkey, with the population about 7 million people. If you a special gourmet on travel, the first time is best of all to come to Istanbul by the ship from the Black Sea. The passage Bosphorus fascinates under any weather conditions. Fortresses on the coast and up-to-date, with one thousand cars, bridges connecting Europe to Asia.

The international tourism in the world is extremely uneven that is explained first of all by different levels of social and economic development of the countries and regions. The international tourism gained the greatest development in the West European countries. Over 70% of the world tourist market and about 60% of currency receipts fall to the share of this region. Primerno20 the % is the share of America, menee10 to % - to Asia, Africa and Australia together taken.

On the purposes: the route and informative; sports ­; amateur, including with active ways of a ; business and congress tourism; resort, medical; ; the festival; the hunting; the ecological; shop tourism; ; educational, etc.;

on a way of movement: the foot; with use of traditional vehicles; with use of exotic of transport (a ropeway, the funicular, the airship, a sphere, a hang-glider).

However information on development of the international tourism does not absolutely exact as it is rather difficult to measure tourist streams. Due to the lack of a uniform way of their account comparison of statistical data interfood considerably is complicated by the countries.